Mestská časť Bratislava-Vajnory


Vajnory folk costumes belong to the regional context. The ceremonial women’s costume is particularly distinctive with its superb baroque design. Its variety of colour and perfectly harmonised beauty emphasises refined femininity and gentility. The lace and embroidered sleeves which the women and girls produced themselves were a proud display of their skill and artistic instinct. They are embroidered with yellow, red, black but above all gold and silver threads. The maid headdresses celebrated the joy of youth, while grandiose ladies’ hats – testifying to the influence of Viennese Biedermeier – emphasised the dignity of a married woman.

Men’s shirts were also decorated with embroidery and lace. The brocade waistcoat in ceremonial clothing accentuates the festivity of the occasion. Spectacular embroidery from red wadding decorated black cloth trousers and tabards. Dignified elegance of the cut and decent samples of textile material are also present in the working costumes worn by the oldest women. The beauty of the traditional folk costume still lives on. It remains an attractive custom which emphasises the festivity of social and religious occasions.



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