Mestská časť Bratislava-Vajnory

Location of Vajnory

   A metropolis and a pastoral retreat - seemingly impossible to combine, but nevertheless coexisting. This rare combination is the district of Vajnory. As a part of Bratislava, the metropolis of the Slovak Republic, it has all the conveniences of a large city at hand. It is located less than 5 km from the edge of the Bratislava city agglomeration and approximately 60 kilometres from Vienna.

The location of the district is also distinctive. It lies in the foothills of the fertile wine-growing slopes of the Small Carpathians, open to the expansive Danubian lowland. The Danube – the time honoured artery of Europe – and the fertile plain running along the river –has provided a propitious environment for human settlement since time immemorial. Since ancient times two important trade routes crossed in the area of Bratislava: the “amber” route, which connected the Adriatic and Baltic seas, and the Danube route, connecting Western Europe with the Asian continent. Further Central European routes and the settlements around them also connected to this important crossroads.

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